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A Solid Foundation

deftask has everything you expect in a task manager or issue tracker.
  • Share

    Create an organization to share projects with your team, or keep personal projects to yourself.

  • Organize

    Organize tasks using labels and assign them to project members. Give your labels a personality with colors.

    More about Labels ›
  • Search

    A rich query syntax to find your tasks. Search by text, dates, assignees, creators, and more.

    Search Syntax ›
  • Notes

    Not everything is a task. Notes allow you to save any non-task related information.


Gets out of your way

Little features that help you get things done quickly.
  • Unread Tasks

    All new tasks or tasks with new comments are marked unread so you can spot them easily.

  • Quick Task Creation

    When creating a new task, labels can be pre-selected based on current search or task.

  • Jump to next or previous task

    Quickly jump to next or previous task for the current search, without going back to the search page.

For Developers

deftask gives you the tools to automate your workflows.
  • API

    deftask provides a REST API, that is extremely easy to explore and get started with.

    API Documentation ›
  • Command-line client

    Create and manage tasks without ever leaving your terminal with our command-line client.

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